Spellbound Comics

A story from under the covers (not THAT kind of story!)

My Son Recreating the Spellbound logo

Most anyone who calls themselves a comic book fan knows the feeling of staying up late, reading to the light of a small lamp or flashlight under the blanket, lost in another world, unaware of the passage of time. That feeling, of course, is spellbound. And that's how I spent nearly every night of my life from the moment I first read a random issue of John Byrne's acclaimed Fantastic Four run (#265, if you're curious) to the moment I left for college... and plenty of nights since.

And now, I'd like to help give that feeling to someone else.

Hi, my name is David Baldy. You may know me as a writer/producer on such television shows as Wilfred (FX), Deadbeat (Hulu), Lewis Black's Root of All Evil (Comedy Central), and many more. I've spent more than 20 years producing TV and Film, and now I've turned my sights to comic books.

My mission with Spellbound is to produce the type of comics I coveted as a kid -- great characters, great stories, great art, and most importantly a sense of community. But I can't do that alone. For Spellbound to succeed, I need YOU. I need you to buy, I need you to read, and I need your feedback. Together, maybe, just maybe, we can build something that tries to fill the void that's existed in the comic book world for quite some time.

Spellbound is a feeling. A euphoria. And, for me, the culmination of a lifelong dream to publish comic books. Thank you for helping to make it a reality.